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8' Flexible Curtain Track Kit

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Product Details

8' Flexible Curtain Track Kit

Item Number: 01A 23389

Our 8 foot Flexible Curtain Track Kit comes with all the hardware you will need to install except for attachment screws and anchors.  These kits are a convince for our customers who do not want to have to figure out all the little part quantities needed for the installations.  It comes out to the same price as you would pay if you bought them individually.  Sometimes, depending on your installation you might save a few dollars by buying them individually because you may not need as many hooks or end stops as what the kits some with.  But these kits have the correct parts for 99% of the installations we come across.

You will have a couple options that you have to choose from when adding this kit to the shopping cart.  
  • There are 2 different styles of end caps.  One with a hook on bottom and one without a hook.  This hook is used to anchor one or both ends of the curtain to the end of the track if desired.  
  • On the hangers you will need to choose from standard hangers or hangers with grid clips.  The grid clips are needed when attaching this track to a acoustic tile ceiling grid.

Flexible curtain tracking produces 75% less sound than standard curtain track and bends to virtually any radius. Flexible curtain tracking gives you a quick and easy option for room renovations. Our selection of bendable curtain track kits comes in 8', 16', 40' & 105' lengths. This track can not be spliced so make sure you buy a long enough run for your project.

The kits are based on 8' sections or runs but can be cut to any size you need, just in some cases you may need to order extra end caps.  For instance if you buy a 40 foot kit it comes with 10 end stops which is the right amount for 5 - 8' tracks.  But if you are going to cut the 40' into 8 - 5' tracks you would need to order 6 extra end stops.  All the rest of the parts such as the hangers and grid clips need to be every 24" so it will have the proper amount for that length of track regards of how you divide it.

This kit contains:
  • 1 - 8' piece of flexible curtain track.
  • 2 - End stops with or without hook (see image above)
  • 5 - Spring Hangers (with or without grid clips used to connect to tile ceiling)
  • 20 - Carrier Hooks (this is based on a 6" spacing for a 108" wide curtain)  If your curtain has grommet holes closer than 6" you will need to purchase extra hooks.

  • A 99% recycled aluminum core and ABS (non-PVC) shell
  • Aluminum core and ABS shell is easily trimmed on-site with a hand saw
  • The ABS material does not contain phthalates, PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), or PBTs (Persistent Biocumulative Toxins)
  • Easy to install and works with virtually any ceiling type including both regular and flush ceiling tile (if you are attaching to a tile ceiling you will need to choose the ceiling grid clip option when placing the kit into the shopping cart).
  • Carriers that slide quietly and effortlessly across the track
  • Class A Fire Rating

Here are links to the individual parts to see the specification for them on their specific page.

Main Flexible Curtain Track Individual Parts Page - This has all the parts in the kit about that can be ordered individually to customize your track installation.

Carrier Hooks

End Stops with fixed Hook

End Stops without Hook

Spring Clip Hangers

Spring Clip Hangers with Grid Clips (for tile ceilings)

8' Section of Track

16' Section of Track

40' Section of Track

105' Section of Track

If you have any questions or need help determining what you might need please dont hesitate to call us at 1-800-804-9549 and we will be glad to help.

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