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Flexible Curtain Track, 16' Foot Section of TrackZoom

Flexible Curtain Track, 16' Foot Section of Track

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Item#: 01A22340
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Product Details

Flexible Curtain Track, 16' Foot Section of Track

Part # 01A 22340
Flexible Curtain Track Installation Instruction Book Download (PDF)

Flexible curtain tracking produces 75% less sound than standard curtain track and bends to virtually any radius. Flexible curtain tracking gives you a quick and easy option for room renovations. Our selection of bendable curtain track comes in 8', 16', 40' & 105' lengths. This track can not be spliced so make sure you buy a long enough run for your project.

This product number is the CURTAIN TRACK ONLY!

To complete an installation you will also need these other parts sold on this site:
  • 2 End Caps
  • Carrier Hooks (1 per 6" of curtain width +1)
  • Spring Clip Hangers with or without grid clips (1 per 2' of track length)
  • A 99% recycled aluminum core and ABS (non-PVC) shell
  • Aluminum core and ABS shell is easily trimmed on-site with a hand saw
  • The ABS material does not contain phthalates, PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), or PBTs (Persistent Biocumulative Toxins)
  • Easy to install and works with virtually any ceiling type including both regular and flush ceiling tile
  • Carriers that slide quietly and effortlessly across the track (purchased separately)
  • Class A Fire Rating

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