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Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards, Plastic Transfer Boards, Wooden Transfer Boards and Beasy Transfer Boards.

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Transfer boards are used by care givers and individuals to easily transfer from one place to another. We carry a variety of transfer boards including plastic transfer boards, wooden transfer boards, heavy duty transfer boards and the popular Beasy transfer boards.

Transfer boards are a device used to help a patient with the transition from wheelchair to a commode, bed, tub, car or other chair. In the simplest terms a transfer board is just a board that the patient slides from one seat to another on. The transfer board may have handles, anchor straps, sliding seats or swiveling seats to aid this sliding transfer process. All transfer boards will be smooth and have rounded corners to ensure injury free transfers. Transfer boards assist care givers in minimizing the need to lift the patient over short distances. At home transfer boards are useful in tight spaces where traditional lifters donít fit. Transfer boards can give individuals independence, taking the strain off care givers and loved ones..

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