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Disposable Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers

Sharps Container, Travel Sharps Container, Sharps Disposal Container, Sharps Needle Container

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Buy your Disposable Sharps Containers here. We carry several sizes of the disposable sharps containers, from the 1 quart travel size sharps container to the 3 gallon facility size sharps containers. All of our sharps containers are Bemis brand and sold in case lots. We also carry the brackets and wall mounts for sharps container. Discounts available for large orders.

A sharps container is a receptacle for the safe disposal of used needles, syringes and other sharp medical instruments. It is standard practice for needles to be immediately placed into a sharps container after a single use. A good sharps container program prevents accidental "sticks" and reduces the chance of transmission of a blood borne pathogen. The sharps containers should be placed in several convenient locations around the work area. If they are spread too far apart it increases the chance that procedures will not be followed and the chance for an accident to happen..

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