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Bathroom & Doctor Scales

Bathroom & Doctor Scales

Scales, Physician Scales, Bathroom Scales,
Baby Scales and Food Scales.

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Scales are used by physicians and individuals to monitor weight gain and loss. We carry a variety of scales including bathroom scales, physician scales, baby scales, wheelchair scales, bariatric scales and food scales.

What is a scale? Scales are measuring instruments for determining the weight of a patient. There are many different types of scales. Medical scales, also called mechanical physician's scales, are the scales that you will typically find in your doctor's office. Although there are many doctors that are choosing to upgrade to a digital scale, there are still some that use the traditional mechanical scale. Baby scales are used by pediatricians to monitor weight gain and growth of a child. From birth up to a year, baby scales are an important part of caring for the health all children. Wheelchair scales are designed to accommodate a full size wheelchair plus the user and gives an accurate reading of the disabled patientís weight. Bariatric scales work just like standard scales but have the ability to read a higher weight, sometimes up to 1000lbs. Scales like these can help a patient monitor progress after a gastric bypass surgery. Food and liquid scales are also helpful to these types of patients and anyone else portioning their meals for a more balanced diet..

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