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Medicine Droppers and Medicine Spoons

Droppers & Spoons

Medicine Droppers and Medicine Spoons.

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Medicine droppers and spoons are used to administer the proper dosage of medication to a patient. We carry a variety of medicine droppers and medicine spoons for sale including teaspoon medicine droppers, 1 teaspoon medicine droppers, 2 teaspoon medicine dispensing spoons, oral syringes and measuring cups.

What are medicine droppers and spoons? Medicine droppers are specialized syringes designed to extract liquid medication in prescribed doses. Medicine spoons do a similar job, but rather than using suction to obtain the medicine, it is poured into the handle and then administered to the patient. Medicine can also be measured in small cups, making it easy for a patient to drink. For less mess and more accurate dosing, use medicine droppers and medicine spoons to simplify daily regiments.

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