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Curtains - Info & Help Page

Curtains - Info & Help Page

You can also download/print our curtain track quote form by clicking here. It is a handy form for getting all the measurements and answers we need all in one spot!

You will need to know 4 things before you order your curtain(s).

  1. Width
  2. Height
  3. Mesh or No Mesh
  4. Material Type

See detailed explanation below the example image

determining curtain size needed

1. Width
While this seems like it would be straight forward you actually have to buy a curtain wider than the opening you wish to cover.  To look and hang properly your curtain has to have a certain "Bunch" or "Fullness".  In other words it needs to have extra width where it is wavy when hung.  If your curtain were exactly the width of the opening it would have to be stretched flat and tight and would not look good at all. At the minimum curtains need to be 25% wider than the opening or length of track, optimally and for the best look we recommend 40% - 50 % wider. To determine the proper width of curtain for you track system, you will need to take the length of the track in inches and multiply it by 1.25
 (ex. Track Length X 1.25 = Curtain Width).
This calculation will give you the fullness and pleating that most hospitals have and will guarantee your curtain reaches from one end of the track to the other. All curtains come with grommets at the top of the material to attach to the track. These grommets are placed every 6 inches along the curtain. To determine the proper amount of carrier rollers you'll need, you will take the actual curtain width (not the opening) and divide it by 6 then add one for your beginning grommet.
(ex.Curtain Width divided by 6 plus 1 = amount of rollers needed)
Our website does list standard widths that may be close to the dimension you figured or we can have the curtain custom made to a particular width. For custom size curtains, please contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-804-9549 or you can email us at support@medicalproductsdirect.com

2. Determining Height:
Determining the height can be done by taking your ceiling to floor height in inches and subtracting approximately 3 inches (the distance the track & carrier rollers hang down from the ceiling) and the distance you would like it to hang from the floor.
(ex.Ceiling Ht - Track & Rollers - distance from Floor = Curtain Ht.)
So if you have an 8' ceiling and want the curtains to hang 6" above the floor. 96" - 3" - 6" = 87" curtain height needed.  If you need an exact fit you can call us and order an 87" custom curtain but most of our customers just choose the standard size that is closest to what they need.

3. Mesh or No Mesh
Our curtains can be ordered with mesh top or solid panel (no mesh).  The mesh top is used in hospital and institutional settings where air flow is needed for proper ventilation and disease prevention/air quality regulations.  The mesh top can also be used in residential homes for the same reasons.  A lot of institutions also require a 12"-18" opening at the bottom (distance they hang off the floor) for this same reason.  Our mesh top curtains are made with 20 inches (industry standard) of mesh at the top. The length of the mesh will be included in your figured curtain height.
(ex.If your curtain is 96 inches tall and you want mesh at the top, there will be 76 inches of solid material and the top 20" are mesh material)
 The solid panel curtains are the same material but do not have the mesh at the top.  If air flow is not a concern then solid panel curtains generally are better looking.  Our website does list standard heights that may be close to the dimension you need or we can have the curtain custom made to a particular height. For custom size curtains, please contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-804-9549 or you can email us at support@medicalproductsdirect.com.

4. Material Type
We carry a wide variety of hospital privacy curtains, light blocking curtains and industrial shower curtains. Our hospital privacy curtains are made of 100% flame retardant, antimicrobial polyester and come in a large selection of colors and stitch patterns. The light blocking curtains are made of inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric that is twice turned with double needled lock-stitched top and side hems. These curtains are designed to block 99% of light for room darkening in laboratories, medical facilities or photography studios. The selection of 28 different colors make these perfect for home or facility use. The industrial shower curtains are made of a heavy weight (vinyl coated)12 gauge IFR polyester with patented inert chemicals to provide anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-static properties. These come in 8 different colors, including semi-translucent.

We hope this helps make your decision of what curtain to order much easier, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call our customer service representative at 1-800-804-9549 or email us at support@medicalproductsdirect.com .

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