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Flexible Curtain Track, End Cap Fitting ( 2 Pack)Zoom

Flexible Curtain Track, End Cap Fitting ( 2 Pack)

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Product Details

Flexible Curtain Track, End Cap Fitting ( 2 Pack)

Part # 01A 22344

Flexible Curtain Track Installation Instruction Book Download (PDF)

This end cap fitting  is designed to fit our flexible curtain track only, it may fit other brands but only guaranteed to work with the flexible track we sell.  The end cap is simply a stop to prevent the carrier hooks from sliding off the end of the track.

Flexible curtain tracking produces 75% less sound than standard curtain track and bends to virtually any radius. Flexible curtain tracking gives you a quick and easy option for room renovations. Our selection of bendable curtain track comes in 8', 16', 40' & 105' lengths. This track can not be spliced so make sure you buy a long enough run for your project.

This product number is the END CAP FITTINGS ONLY!

To complete an installation you will also need these other parts sold on this site:
  • Track (length desired)
  • 2 End Caps
  • Carrier Hooks (1 per 6" of curtain width +1)
  • Spring Clip Hangers with or without grid clips (1 per 2' of track length)
  • Fits our flexible curtain track ONLY!

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