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PVC Shower Chairs

PVC Shower Chairs

PVC Shower Chairs.

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PVC shower chairs are used by the elderly or disabled to help maintain hygiene when mobility is limited. We carry a large selection of PVC shower chairs for sale including reclining PVC shower chairs, designer PVC shower chairs and standard PVC shower chairs in a variety of sizes for any user. Our PVC shower chairs are made to order and almost completely customizable.

What is a pvc shower chair? PVC shower chairs are water resistant chairs that allow the elderly or disabled to be rolled into a bathing area. PVC shower chairs are a fairly new concept in the health care market but have become very popular due to the fact that they are strong, light weight and will not corrode or rust like traditional shower chairs. This is not the same PVC that is used in plumbing, it has a smooth slick finish and smooth rounded corners and couplings. Constructed of medical grade PVC piping, PVC shower chairs are easy to clean making them suitable for group homes, hospitals and residential homes.

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