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Amputee Shower Chairs

Amputee Shower Chairs

Amputee Shower Chairs.

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Amputee Shower Chairs are used by individuals with a below the knee amputated leg or legs to elevate the limb. We carry a variety of amputee shower chairs for sale including 18 inch flat stock seat amputee shower chairs and commode opening amputee shower chairs in 18, 22 and 26 inch seat widths.

What is an amputee shower chair? Amputee shower chairs are specialized chairs that provide comfort and support to a lower leg amputee patient. Amputee shower chairs are constructed of medical grade PVC piping, water resistant vinyl material, locking casters and a padded elevating platform. Amputee shower chairs provide proper elevation for the amputated limb reducing swelling and water retention.

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