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Bariatric Bathroom Aids

Bariatric Bathroom Aids

Bariatric Bathroom Aids, Bariatric Bath Seats,Bariatric Transfer Benches and more.

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Bariatric Bathroom Aids are difficult to find in the local markets. There is a growing need for these items in the USA but so far a lot of manufactures have not started producing bariatric bathroom aids because it is still a small percentage of the total market. We have made a conscious effort to seek out every supplier that we can find for bariatric bathroom aids to provide our customers with the best selection possible.

Bariatric bathroom aids is a broad category but would include items such as bariatric transfer benches, bedside commodes, shower chairs, transfer boards, weight scales and much more. What is bariatric? Bariatric is a Greek term for weight treatment, but the term bariatric when used in conjunction with a product simply means it was designed for a larger than average user. Most standard bathroom aids have a 250 pound weight capacity. Bariatric bathroom aids are 250+ pounds plus with some models with weight capacities up to 1000 pounds..

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