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Bedside Commodes - Bariatric

Bedside Commodes - Bariatric

Bariatric Bedside Commodes, Drop Arm Bariatric Bedside Commodes, All in One Bariatric Bedside Commodes, and PVC Bariatric Bedside Commodes

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Bariatric bedside commodes are used by larger individuals with some mobility. We carry a large variety of bariatric bedside commodes with weight capacities up to 1000lbs. Our selection includes standard bariatric bedside commodes, drop arm bariatric bedside commodes, all in one bariatric bedside commodes, and PVC bariatric bedside commodes.

What is a bariatric bedside commode? Bariatric bedside commodes are movable toilets that do not have a flushing mechanism and are designed to accommodate patients ranging from 300 to 900 pounds. Bariatric bedside commodes typically have a toilet seat and a bucket or container underneath that can be removed for cleaning after the commode is used. A bariatric bedside commode is commonly used for patients who are weak or unsteady or have poor bowel and bladder control. When used over a toilet, bariatric bedside commodes give a larger sitting area for users at home. Returning convenience and independence back to their lives..

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