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Hoyer Patient Lifter 4 Point Sling, Padded U-SlingZoom

Hoyer Patient Lifter 4 Point Sling, Padded U-Sling

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Item#: 01A15084
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Product Details

Part # 01A 15084

  • Part (Extra Large)
  • Part (Medium)
  • Part (Small) Hoyer Patient Lifter 4 Point Sling, Padded U-Sling
    • Note: These Slings are for Hoyer® Lifters with 4-Point attaching cradle ONLY, if you want to use these slings on the Classic Hoyer® Lifter you must convert your lifter with a Retro-Fit Kit that is sold on this website.
    • 4-point position slings for a secure, safe & comfortable transfer.
    • No chains....No more swing or sway!
    • Special "U" shape allows easy on and off of patient.
    • Semi-rigid design won't bunch up, protecting fragile bones or tissue and giving comfort and security.
    • Leg straps unhook and quickly withdraw for toileting.
    • Slings fit all Hoyer Lifters with 4-point cradle, reducing sling inventory.
    • Non-Bathing are durable polyester with closed-cell foam padding for comfort.
    • Bathing slings are fast draining and drying nylon mesh.
    • One-piece slings provide easy position adjustment of patient.
    • The padded slings are green.
    • The bathing sling are gray.

    Choose your correct size!

    NOTE: Please purchase patient lifter accessories and slings that are either designed for the model of patient lift that you have or you know from past experience will work with your model of lift.  Some slings and accessories will interchange with other brands of lifts but a lot will not interchange.

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