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Patient Lifter Slings

Patient Lifter Slings

Patient Lifter Slings.

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Patient lifter slings are used with patient lifters to carry an individual from bed to chair or bath. We carry a large selection of patient lifter slings for sale including Hoyer patient lifters slings, Invacare patient lifters slings, Lumex patient lifter slings and Drive patient lifter slings.

What is a patient lifter sling? Patient lifter slings are apparatuses used to cradle a patient while transferring from one resting place to another. Patient lifter slings are usually made of heavy-duty soft foam that is encased in a fabric cover. Some patient slings are made for bathing and consist of a fast drying nylon mesh material that can remain with the patient for the duration of the bath. Patient lifter slings come in various sizes and styles designed specifically for their brand lifter and may require the use of straps or chains to attach.

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