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Patient Lifter Accessories

Patient Lifter Accessories

Patient Lifter Accessories.

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Patient lifter accessories are used in conjunction with patient lifters to assist care givers in transferring a patient. We carry a large selection of patient lifter accessories for sale including patient lifter slings, patient lifter chains and straps, spreader bars, patient lifter scales, spare parts and miscellaneous equipment.

What are patient lifter accessories? Patient lifter accessories are any items used with lifter to carry, weigh or transfer an immobile patient. Patient lifter accessories such as slings, straps and chains are used to cradle the patient in a comfortable position. Some accessories for patient lifters include scales for weighing and pads for added comfort and support. Patient lifter spare parts like spreader bars, cradles, batteries and hydraulic pumps are accessories that help to maintain your equipment and extend the use of your lifter.

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