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Forearms Crutches and Accessories

Forearms Crutches and Accessories

forearm crutches, adjustable forearm crutches, Euro style and adult or youth forearm crutches.

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Forearm Crutches We carry several different brands of forearm crutches in many different styles, for your individual needs such as forearm crutches in various sizes to accommodate those from Adults size, youth size or even pediatric forearm crutches that adjust from small to tall sizes and are offered in several colors as well, the popular Euro forearm crutches. We also carry many forearm crutch accessories to personalize your needs..

What is a forearm crutch? Forearm crutches are crutches with a cuff at the top that goes around the forearm for added comfort and support, they may also be known as a Lofstrand crutch. In previous year they were most commonly used in Europe countries, but in the United States and Canada, they were almost exclusively used by people with permanent disabilities. However, American orthopedic specialists have now begun to prescribe forearm crutches for patients with shorter term needs. Forearm crutches are used by placing the arm into a cuff and holding the grip. The cuff, typically made of plastic or metal, may be a half-circle or a full circle with a V-type opening in the front allowing the forearm to easily come out in case of falls, making them not only a very safe option to tradtional crutches but much more comfortable.

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