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Wooden Canes

Wooden Canes

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Wooden Canes Among our large selction of Canes and Cane accesories are our selection of wood canes. Our wooden canes come in several brands and styles including Harvy type wood canes, Drive brand wood canes, TFI hard wood canes, various types of wood canes in many colors, with many cane head types such as the popular Derby head wood canes, Carved wood canes in several styles such as the animal head wood canes or even antler handle canes .

Why choose a Wooden Cane? Wooden canes or if you prefer a walking stick is a tool used by many people to facilitate balancing while walking. Some kinds of canes or walking sticks may be used by people with disabilities as a sort of crutch. Wood canes come in many shapes, sizes, and different styles. Wooden canes have also historically been known to be used as a weapon for defensive or offensive purposes, and are often even sought by collectors as they may be very decorative in design, often featuring elaborate carved handles, and may portray the user as being very distinguished or vogue.

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