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Quad Canes

Quad Canes

Quad Canes, Large and Small Bases.

Scroll down to see our selection of quad canes, large and small bases for sale.

Quad canes, large and small bases are used by individuals requiring additional stability while walking with a cane. We carry a variety of quad canes with large and small bases for sale including adjustable quad canes, deluxe quad canes with derby handles, ergonomic adult quad canes, pediatric quad canes and designer quad canes.

What are quad canes with large and small bases? Quad canes with large or small bases are specialized canes with four tips for extra stability while walking. Quad canes are constructed of aluminum, have a comfort grip and either a large or small base. Typically quad canes are adjustable in height and support anywhere from 200 to 300 pounds. Some quad canes have an ergonomic frame, specialized hand grips or come in designer colors and patterns. Manufactured for durability and quality, quad canes with large and small bases provide ideal support for any user.

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