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Rolling Walker, U-Step Walking StabilizerZoom

Rolling Walker, U-Step Walking Stabilizer

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Product Details

Part # 01A 14190

Rolling Walker, U-Step Walking Stabilizer

U-Step Walking Stabilizer
The U-Step Walking Stabilizer has an innovative braking system that is easy to use and puts you in complete control. The U-Step will not roll unless you are ready to walk. When you lighty squeeze a hand brake, the unit will roll with you. Once you release the hand brake, the unit will stop immediatly. This feature is particularly helpful when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away from you.
Laser Light™ helps prevent freezing.  If you suffer from freezing episodes, U-Step has a solution. Introducing LaserLight™an exclusive optional feature of the U-Step. Simply press the red button on the handlebar and a bright red laser line is projected on the floor for you to step over. It is amazing! Our laser offers an entirely safe, obstacle-free, visual cue that helps you break the “freezing episode,” and walk normally with increased stride length.(option sold below)

Tension Adjustment
By turning the knobs at the base of the unit, you can regulate your walking speed. This feature is particularly comforting if you are afraid of a rolling walker “getting away” from you.
Folds easily for compact storage
  • Overall width - 23”

  • Height from floor to seat - 22”

  • Length - 25”

  • Turning circle - 29”

  • Width of large padded seat - 20"
  • Color choices - black or blue
  • Weight - 19 lbs
  • Weight capacity - 375 lbs
  • Folded dimensions - 36”x221/2”x16”
  • Height adjustment range - accommodates user 5’1” to 6’1”(with customization, 4’0” to 6’4”)

Note: You can choose a color from the drop bar above. The laser option that is described above can be added by scrolling down and adding that option to you cart.

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