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Reclining Shower Chair, 20" Wide with LegrestZoom

Reclining Shower Chair, 20" Wide with Legrest

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Item#: 07A16135
Condition: New
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Product Details

mjm note

Part # 07A 16135

Reclining Shower Chair, 20" Wide with Legrest

Product Specific Features:
  • Healthcare Grade, 
  • Deluxe Elongated Open Front Seat Enhances Resident Comfort, 
  • Elevated Leg Extension, 
  • Anti-Slip Handgrips, 
  • Reinforced At All Stress Related Areas.

Product Specifications:

Internal Width: 20"
External Width: 24"
Threaded Stem Casters: Rust Proof 3 Twin
Over All Size: 49.5 H x 24 W x 16 D (Overall Depth 62)
Seat Height: 23
Back Width Exterior: 15.5
Exterior Length Upright: 46.5 (Leg Down)
Exterior Length Reclined: 58.5 (Leg Up)
Reclined Back: 27
Capacity: 325 lbs
Shipped: UPS
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As one of the premier leaders in the PVC healthcare products, MJM has been in the business of making PVC healthcare industry related products since 1996 and we here at Medical Products Direct have been selling their products since 2002.  Their products are not made from standard PVC, it is made from healthcare furniture grade PVC.  It has thicker walls, a smooth glossy surface free from flaws, all edges on the fittings are smooth and rounded without any sharp corners anywhere.  As stated we have been selling MJM products for 15 years and we just don't see warrantee issues, complaints or product failures in their products.  In our opinion, MJM is the best made PVC healthcare product on the market and they stand behind their work if there ever is a problem.

Hospitals and facilities have been using PVC healthcare products for years because they last!  The general public is starting to catch on to this fact. PVC products will not deteriorate, rust or corrode and they are easy to clean and sanitize.  We have customers that have been using the same MJM shower chair for 12+ years.  While they seem to last forever, occasionally the wear items such as casters, seat slings and safety belts will need to be replaced but we carry a full line of affordable replacement parts.  Therefore, you do not have to replace the chair 5-6 years from now when the seat finally wears out.  Just replace the seat sling, or casters and you have a good as new chair.  The PVC frame will last practically forever unless there is some sort of serious breakage or damage from abuse. MJM Operates Under FDA Compliant Regulations.

MJM products are made to order due to all the available options and colors it would be impossible to inventory all the possible combinations.  This means there is a 3-4 lead time before your product ships and then another 1-6 business days travel time via UPS/FedEx.  Shipments that must ship by freight truck due to their size may take slightly longer.

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