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Refreshment Carts and Accessories

Refreshment Carts and Accessories

Refreshment Carts, Hydration and Ice Carts.

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Refreshment carts are used in nursing homes and institutions to hydrate patients during activities. We carry a wide variety of refreshment carts for sale including rolling hydration carts, shelved ice and refreshment carts for indoor or outdoor use.

What is a refreshment cart? Refreshment carts are specialized equipment that helps provide hydration needs among patients in a nursing home or institution. Many refreshment carts consist of a sturdy PVC frame, locking casters, one or more shelves and holding area for a water cooler or ice chest. Medical refreshment carts have a variety of uses, making them versatile for any sized facility. Designed for convenience, refreshment carts have ergonomic handles allowing care givers to easily transport beverages and ice indoors or outdoors. When caring for the elderly, ill or disabled hydration is a key factor and having the right refreshment cart can help supply their demand.

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