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Linen Carts

Linen Carts

linen carts, commercial line cart, portable linen cart and PVC linen cart.

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Linen Carts Among our large selection of various medical carts are our linen carts. Our linen carts come in many different styles including linen carts with various number of shelves, linen carts with covers in your choice of colors. Our linen carts come in a variety of different sizes and with several different options, to make choosing the linen cart that best fits your needs an easy choice.

What is a Linen Cart? Linen carts or as they are sometimes referred to as laundry cart are generally designed for distribution of clean or even soiled linen or laundry, often times in medical facilities, laundry facilities, or industrial facilities. Most linen carts are made of a non corrosive, rust proof material and are usually an open type structure that may include back and side panels to keep the linen from falling out during transport or when linen is removed from the cart, they may have solid or wire shelves and often have a mesh type cover to allow for fresh air flow to the material, also having individual compartments for folded clothing, allowing organized storage.

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