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PVC Rollators and Ambulators

PVC Rollators & Ambulators

PVC Rollators and Ambulators.

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PVC rollators and ambulators are used by individuals that have trouble with walking and maintaining stability. We carry a large selection PVC rollators and ambulators for sale including PVC rolling walker, PVC stroller walkers, PVC adapt a walkers, PVC adjustable ambulators in child, youth and adult sizes.

What are PVC rollators and ambulators? PVC rollators and ambulators are specialized walking aids designed to surround the user and provide optimal stability while walking. PVC ambulators and rollators consist of medical grade PVC piping, a padded support seat or sling seat, rear locking casters, adjustable safety belts and restraint free opening/closing gate. PVC rollators and ambulators are typically seen in nursing homes or assisted living facilities and help care givers and the elderly. Patients with limited leg strength use PVC rollators and ambulators to reduce falls while walking during therapy or everyday tasks.

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