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Pediatric Walkers

Pediatric Walkers

Pediatric Walkers.

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Pediatric walkers are used by children and young adults needing assistance while walking or learning to walk. We carry a variety of pediatric walkers for sale including, Nimbo posterior pediatric walkers, pediatric pedal walkers, anterior folding pediatric walkers, pediatric platform walkers, pediatric ambulators and pediatric adapt a walkers.

What is a pediatric walker? Pediatric walkers are specially designed walking aids for assisting children with disabilities. Pediatric walkers are manufactured for children and young adults under 410 with varying handle heights and easy wheel steering. Posterior style pediatric walkers help a child interact with their environment while the frame supports them. Anterior pediatric walkers are used when a child can bear weight and take steps, merely using the walker for balance or support. Pediatric walkers help children of all ages with disabilities improve walking ability at their own pace.

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