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Folding Walkers

Folding Walkers

Standard Walkers.

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Standard walkers are used by individuals who need additional support while walker. We carry a large selection of standard walkers for sale including dual release folding walkers, single release folding walkers, standard junior walkers, standard walkers with wheels, Uprise Onyx folding walkers and V brace walkers. Our standard walkers are designed by top manufacturers like Drive Medical, Merry Walker and Invacare.

What is a standard walker? Standard walkers are devices, usually waist-high, with a four-legged frame made of lightweight aluminum, for use by a weak or disabled person as a support while walking. Standard walkers are basic in design and moved by lifting or scooting the walker across the floor. Because of this, walker accessories like glides, skis and tennis balls are used on standard walkers to make maneuvering them easier.

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