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Curtain Track: Drop Chain ( Package of 5 )Zoom

Curtain Track: Drop Chain ( Package of 5 )

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Product Details

Part # 01A 13903

5 Pack of 18" Curtain Hook Extension Drop Chains

We are proud to now offer our customers complete hospital curtain track kits in 16 of the most common sizes and layouts. This takes all the guess work out of determining what you need for most common installations.  Click here to see our Curtain Track Kits.

Item Description

  • Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Chain and Hooks.
  • 18" in length
  • Used with high ceilings to drop the curtain hook down 1.5' (18")
  • Also used when ventilation is required (institutional regulations) at the top of the curtains when mesh top curtains are not feasible.
  • You will need one drop chain for each carrier roller on your track.

The extra cost of these chains are offset or eliminated due to the fact you will buy much smaller curtains.  There is also continued savings because it is less expensive to launder smaller curtains. To install these you put the track and carrier rollers up as normal then simply place one of these drop chains on each carrier roller.  Hang curtain on the hook on the chain.

Be sure to read our Curtain Track Installation Tutorial and Help Page to ensure you have all the pieces and parts that you need for your installation.

If you have any question don't hesitate to call our knowledgeable customer service professionals for answers or advice at 1-800-804-9549 M-F 8am-6pm CST

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