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Hand Held Shower Heads & Massagers

Hand Held Shower Heads & Massagers

Handheld Shower Massagers, Handheld Shower Massager Kits, Flow Option Handheld Shower Massagers and Anti-Scald Handheld Shower Massagers.

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Hand-held shower messagers are used by individuals who remain seated while bathing. We carry a variety of handheld shower massagers including handheld shower massager kits, flow control handheld shower massagers, extended hose handheld shower massagers and anti-scold handheld shower massagers.

What is a handheld shower massager? Handheld shower massagers are detachable shower heads with a bendable hose that allows the user to remain seated while bathing. Handheld shower massagers typically have 2 to 3 spray options. Some handheld shower massagers have flow control or diverter valves to redirect the flow of water to the original shower head or stop the flow all together. Some handheld shower massagers have an anti-scold feature that senses when the temperature is too high and reduces the stream to a trickle preventing burns. Handheld shower massagers have many uses and help people of all ages enjoy bathing again..

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