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PVC Geri Chairs

PVC Geri Chairs

PVC Geri Chairs and Accessories

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PVC geri chairs are used in clinics and long term care facilities to care for the elderly or disabled with limited mobility. We carry a large selection of PVC geri chairs and accessories. Our PVC geri chairs include multi-position PVC geri chairs in a variety of sizes, HG Woodlands multi-position PVC geri chairs and multi-position PVC geri ransfer chair.

What is a PVC geri chair? PVC geri chairs are wheelchairs that can not be self propelled and must be pushed by a second individual. PVC geri chairs provide optimal comfort and support to patients with 3 reclining positions and padded elevating leg rests. PVC geri chairs are ideal for a variety of long-term care and clinical seating uses. Multi-position PVC geri chairs are sturdy, easy to clean and perform an assortment of functions safely and effectively, making them and outstanding choice for patient care.

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