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Medical Chairs and Lab Stools

Medical Chairs and Lab Stools

Medical Chairs and Stools, Medical Exam Chairs and Stools.

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Medical Chairs and stools are used in physician’s offices or clinics during standard medical examinations. We carry a wide selection of chairs and stools with or without backs. Our exam chairs and stools are adjustable or have fixed heights to fit any clinical need.

What are medical chairs and stools? In the medical field, chairs and stools are rolling seats that provide a physician easy mobility from patient to supplies in the exam room. Exam chairs and therapy stools are designed for comfort and ease of use. Each chair and stool is constructed of chrome steel, rugged 2 inch casters and heavy gauge expanded vinyl over 3 inch high-density foam. Some chairs and stools are equipped with padded back rests or adjustable arm rests for added support. With hydraulic adjustment or fixed heights medical chairs and stools can furnish all your clinical seating needs.

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