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Corner Single Bay 9'10" x 9'10" Hospital Cubicle Curtain Track KitZoom

Corner Single Bay 9'10" x 9'10" Hospital Cubicle Curtain Track Kit

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Product Details

Part # 01A 15045

Corner Single Bay 9'10" x 9'10" Hospital Cubicle Curtain Track Kit

Part KIT-CSB1010

Due to request from our customers we are now offering our hospital cubicle curtain track in kit form.  A lot of our customers did not want to spend the time to determine each piece and part they needed to do a simple installation.  These curtain track kits contain all the parts needed for a standard installation.  It can easily be cut down to fit smaller sizes or custom layouts.  Mounting fasteners, screws, anchors and other attaching devices are not included  Depending on your unique needs you may decide to order the parts individually or purchase a kit and add additional parts to it as needed.

Read our Cubicle Curtain Track Installation Tutorial by CLICKING HERE.
You can also download this tutorial in PDF format by RIGHT CLICKING THIS LINK and saving it to your computer for printing or offline reference.

We also offer all the parts in this kit individually along with additional curtain track parts and accessories that can be used to build your own layout or customize one of our kits.  Click Here to see the complete line of parts and accessories.

This kit contains all the parts needed to assemble an 9'10" X 9'10" curved hospital cubicle curtain track to a standard flat ceiling.


Does not include:

  • Curtains
  • Fasteners, screws or bolts
  • Anchors
  • Custom Fit - you must cut and drill the track and suspension tube (if included) to your specific needs if other than the standard 8' size.

Additional parts you may want/need to order:

  • If you wish to order curtains from us you would need (2) 144"  wide curtains (or equivalent width) that we sell for this size kit. Click here to see our Curtain Selection. There is a 7 day lead time on standard size curtains and a 21 day lead time on custom size curtains.
  • If you need to attach this track to a grid ceiling (acoustic tile) you will also need to order 8 of our Ceiling Clips to make attaching the track to the ceiling grid a breeze.
  • If you need to suspend your track down from the ceiling you will also need 8 Ceiling Flanges, 8 Screw Inserts, 2 Wall Brackets and enough Suspension Tube to make 8 drops the length you want to suspend the track down.  The suspension tube comes in 8' lengths, so if you wanted to suspend this track 2' down from the ceiling you would need to order (2) - 8' suspension tubes and cut it into (8) -  2' lengths.
  • There are other accessories and hardware available for custom installations, see our complete line of track parts by CLICKING HERE.

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