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Hampers, Commercial Linen Hampers
single Bin Hampers, Double Bin Hampers, Triple Bin Hampers and Infection Control Hampers.

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Hampers are used in the collection of soiled or infectious clothing and linens. We carry a wide selection of hampers in different sizes. Including single bin hampers, double bin hampers and triple bin hampers with linen or infection control hamper bags.

Hampers are typically used commercially by hospitals, clinics, and institutions. On wheels these hampers are easily transported from room to room. Hampers give care givers a safe way to store soiled or infectious linens till time to clean them. Larger facilities might use a double or triple bin hamper for multiple patients. Infection control hampers have a leak proof bag to prevent the spread of disease and germs. Hampers help facilities to maintain a safe and clean environment for everyone..

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