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Bed Rails

Bed Rails

Bed Rails, Hospital Bed Rails.
Home Bed Rails, Toddler Bed Rails

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Bed Rails are safety devices used to prevent falls and injury. We have a large variety of bed rails for home beds, hospital beds, and toddler beds. These bed rails come in many styles including half length bed rails, full length bed rails, folding bed rails, telescoping bed rails, adjustable bed rails and home bed rails.

Bed rails are an important part of any fall prevention program in the home or facility. Hospital bed rails are found in nearly all patient care settings or environments. In the simplest terms a bed rail is a series of bars or panels that prevent a patient from rolling or falling out of bed. Most bed rails attach either directly to the bed frame or in some cases they have an anchor that slides between the mattresses. Some of the styles of bed rails fold out of the way and some models of the bed rails telescope up or down. Some bed rails are full length going the full length of the bed and some only protect the top half of the bed. Bed rails also provide a good grab bar to assist users to sit up or exit the bed. Whatever type of bed rail you choose it is sure to improve the safety and convenience of the user. .

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