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Bariatric Rollators

Bariatric Rollators

Bariatric Rollators, Drive Bariatric Rollators, Lumex Bariatric Rollators and Lumex Bariatric Rollators.

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Bariatric rollators are used by over weight patients with limited mobility. We carry a variety of bariatric rollators including standard bariatric rollators and hemi bariatric rollators from the top manufacturers.

What is a bariatric rollator? Bariatric rollators are designed to look like a standard rollator but with the ability to accommodate a larger patient. Like all rollators, bariatric rollators have a basket, 8 inch heavy duty casters, a seat and locking hand brakes. Since people who are very overweight have a difficult time putting weight onto their legs, a bariatric rollator enables a larger-sized person to move around much more than they could do on their legs alone. With a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, bariatric rollators can weigh as little as 18 pounds. Bariatric rollators also fold, making transport and storage easy. This gives the user the convenience of having their bariatric rollator with them on the go..

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