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Bariatric Patient Lifts

Bariatric Patient Lifts

Bariatric Patient lift, Bariatric Patient Lifter, Lumex Bariatric Patient Lift, Invacare Bariatric Patient Lift

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Bariatric Patient lifts We carry the top brands of Bariatric lifts on the market in several popular styles, including Invacare bariatric paitent lifts and the Lumex Bariatric Patient lift. Ours bariatric patient lifts may be used with the lift slings, or we carry the patient stand up lift, we also carry a large selection of the bariatric patient lift accessories

Bariatric Patient lifts may either be a sling lift or a sit-to-stand lift and is a device that allows heavier or obese patients in hospitals, nursing homes or even for personal home use to be transferred between a bed, chair, wheelchair or a commode by use of a hydraulic powered arm type extension on a rolling frame, reducing stress and injury to both patients and caregivers. Sling lifts are generally used by patients whose mobility is limited. While sit-to-stand lifts are designed to help patients who have some mobility but may lack the strength or muscle control to achieve a standing position by use of straps, vests, or belts, as opposed to slings to make the transition possible..

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