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Alternating Pressure Mattress Pads

Alternating Pressure Mattress Pads

Alternating Pressure Mattress Pads, Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlays
Replacement Pads and Pumps for Alternating Pressure Pad Systems

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Alternating Pressure Mattress Pads are a popular item for us because they are not easy to find in local markets. We carry several different models of alternating pressure mattress pads. Also see our selection of alternating pressure mattresses. We also carry replacement pumps, pads and accessories for alternating pressure mattress pads.

Alternating Pressure mattress pads are used in the treatment and prevention of bed sores, more properly know as pressure ulcers. By alternating the pressure using a alternating pressure mattress pad this changes and stimulates the blood flow in areas of high risk such as the hips, elbows, knees and ankles. Users of wheelchairs, catatonic patients, spinal injury patients and even the elderly are at high risk for pressure ulcers. The best treatment is prevention by using an alternating pressure mattress pad and a turning schedule of between 2-4 hours. Bed sores are very hard to treat after the fact, prevention using an alternating or low air loss device is much better..

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