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Wheelchair & Seat Cushions

Wheelchair & Seat Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions, Foam Wheelchair Cushions, Gel Wheelchair Cushions, Inflatable Wheelchair Cushions and Specialty Wheelchair Cushions.

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Wheelchair cushions are used by individuals spending the majority of their day in a seated position. We carry a large selection of wheelchair cushions including foam wheelchair cushions, gel wheelchair cushions, ROHO and Star pressure reduction wheelchair cushions, and specialty wheelchair cushions.

Wheelchair cushions are designed for wheelchair users to redistribute pressure from areas of the body that are at risk of ulcers. For someone in a constant sitting position, wheelchair cushions reduce the tissue breakdown on parts of the body most at risk. Wheelchair cushions are also used to provide stability, comfort, absorb shock and aid posture. Total wheelchair cushions cover the back as well as the seat and make your reclining wheelchair more comfortable. There are some wheelchair cushions with special baffles that allow you adjust the pressure in each cell individually to relieve pressure at specific problem areas..

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