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Walker Specific Attachments

Walker Specific Attachments

Walker Accessories and Attachments, Walker Wheels, Walker Glides, Walker Baskets and Pouches.

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Walker accessories and attachments are used by individuals to improve the usefulness of their walker. We carry a large variety of walker accessories and attachments including walker wheels, glides and brakes, walker baskets, pouches and trays, as well as walker forearm attachments.

Walker accessories and attachments are parts applied to a walker to provide additional mobility assistance. Certain types of walker accessories and attachments, like wheels and glides reduce the need to lift the walker while in motion. Other walker accessories and attachments like trays, pouches or baskets allow users to keep with them necessary items such as wallets, keys and phones. Then there are forearm attachments which are walker accessories that allow you to support your weight with your arms. Whether you want to slide along or take something with your, walker accessories and attachments make it a breeze..

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