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Automatic Touchless Trash Cans

Automatic Touchless Trash Cans

Automatic Touchless Trash Cans.

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Automatic touchless trash cans are used in facilities and homes to help control germs in a kitchen, bathroom or any other room. We carry a wide selection of automatic touchless trash cans for sale including stainless steel automatic touchless trash cans and plastic automatic touchless trash cans in a variety of colors and capacities.

What is an automatic touchless trash can? Automatic touchless trash cans have a lid that opens automatically when its infrared sensor detects your hand or debris entering a six-inch zone in front of the can. Made of steel or plastic in a variety of shapes and sizes, automatic touchless trash cans range in size from the 1.3 gallon bathroom or office cubicle models, to the 21 gallon commercial models. Throwing trash away without having to touch the trash can lid reduces the chance of contamination and the amount of germs you come into contact with. Automatic touchless trash cans allow you to simply drop the trash into the can, eliminating what could be a hotbed for germs.

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