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Standard Patient Lifters

Standard Patient  Lifters

Standard Patient Lifters.

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Standard patient lifters are used in hospitals, nursing homes and residences to easily move a patient from a bed or chair to another resting place. We carry a large selection of standard patient lifters for sale including Invacare patient lifters, Lumex patient lifters, Drive Medical patient lifters, sling patient lifters, sit to stand patient lifters, manual patient lifters and electric patient lifters.

What is a standard patient lifter? Standard patient lifters are assistive devices that allows patients in hospitals and nursing homes and those receiving home health care to be transferred easily, reducing injury and strain to the care giver. Sling patient lifts are used for a patient whose mobility is limited and decreases the need for additional care givers to move a larger patient. The sit-to-stand patient lifters is designed to help patients with some mobility but who lack the strength or muscle control to rise to a standing position from a bed, wheelchair, chair, or commode. Standard patient lifters can be manual or electric, both using a hydraulic system for raising and lowering the patient. Manual patient lifts are typically smaller in design and more ideal for home use in smaller quarters. Electric patient lifters are heavy duty machines that smoothly lift the patient and are equipped with a battery back up for time of power loss.

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