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Manual Reclining Wheelchairs

Manual Reclining Wheelchairs

Reclining Wheelchairs.

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Reclining wheelchairs are used by those who sit in a wheelchair for long periods of time and need variation in position. We carry a large selection of reclining wheelchairs for sale including Invacare reclining wheelchairs, Drive reclining wheelchairs, Everest and Jennings reclining wheelchairs and tilt and recline specialty wheelchairs.

What is a reclining wheelchair? Reclining wheelchairs are high back wheelchairs that allow the user to recline from a 90 degree position down to 180 degree position. Reclining wheelchairs have handbrake-like controls that release the back and lock it into place. Reclining wheelchairs are equipped with removable full support headrests, swing away elevating leg rests and padded arm rests for additional support and comfort. Like standard wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs fold compactly for easy transport and storage.

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