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Pill Crusher, The Original Pill Crusher (Teal)Zoom

Pill Crusher, The Original Pill Crusher (Teal)

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Item#: 02A15137
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Product Details

Speical Note:  Due to the possibility of cross contamination of medications pill crushers are NOT returnable for any reason!

Part # 02A 15137

Pill Crusher, The Original Pill Crusher (Teal)

Polycarbonate Plastic Pill Crusher, Teal
The Plastic Pillcrusher body is constructed of lightweight polycarbonate injection molded plastic, the receptacle fitting in both the handle and base are stainless steel to maximize power for crushing. Available in four decorative colors. Both Metal and Plastic pillcrushers are backed by a two year conditional warranty against defects and workmanship.
Easily reduces pills to powder
Strong enough for institutional use
Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies
Can be mounted to med-carts, table tops, etc. with mounting base

NOTE: Please read the instructions included with the pill crusher before using the product.  The instructions state that you place the pills into a soufflé cup, place a cup on top of the pills to prevent cross contamination of medications, place the cups with the pills into the pocket, squeeze the handle, rotate the cup, squeeze the handle again, repeat until the pills are pulverized to a fine powder.  The amount of "squeezes" that it takes to pulverize the pills varies with the type of medication.  A common aspirin would probably be crushed in 1-2 squeezes.  Some medications especially vitamins and supplements have a very tough outer shell and take more work to crush.  For this product to work properly it must be used with the soufflé cups that are sold below or they may be purchased locally.

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