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Mobility Drink Holders

Mobility Drink Holders

Mobility & Wheelchair Cup Holders.

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Mobility cup holders are used by individuals to carry their beverages with them. We carry a variety of wheelchair & mobility cup holders for sale including clip on wheelchair cup holders, folding drink holders, cup holders with snack tray and the Pendulator cup holder.

What is a wheelchair cup holder? Wheelchair cup holders are accessories that securely hold a patients beverage while they propel themselves from place to place. Wheelchair cup holders come in a variety of styles to meet patient needs. Some wheelchair cup holders are slotted on both sides for right or left hand use and will accommodate a mug or handled cup. Other wheelchair cup holders fold flat against the wheelchair frame, allowing the user to fit through narrow doors and hall ways. The Pendulator is a spill resistant wheelchair cup holder that utilizes gravity to maintain a beverage in an upright position.

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