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Cervical and Speciality Pillows

Cervical and Speciality Pillows

Cervical and Specialty Pillows.

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Cervical and specialty pillows are used by individuals to help support the neck, back or legs while sleeping. We carry a large variety of cervical and specialty pillows for sale including travel neck pillows, cervical pillows, wave support pillows, memory foam pillows, body pillows, orthopedic pillows, CPAP pillows, butterfly pillows and acid reflux pillows.

What are cervical and specialty pillows? Cervical pillows are sleep pillows with a curved design that adapts to a patients head, neck and shoulders. Cervical pillows can relieve neck pain, frozen shoulder, a stiff neck and headaches. Specialty pillows are any pillow designed to meet a specific need. Specialty pillows can consist of CPAP pillows, leg support pillows, orthopedic pillows and contoured pillows. Many cervical and specialty pillows can help release breathing airways, position the patient’s head and body or provide support to the neck and shoulders. There are other cervical and specialty pillows that can reduce acid reflux symptoms, snoring and sleep apnea symptoms allowing for a more restful nights sleep.

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