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MaxCrush Commercial Pill Crusher

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Product Details

Speical Note:  Due to the possibility of cross contamination of medications pill crushers are NOT returnable for any reason!

MAXCRUSH M200 Pill Crusher

Part # 01A22411

MAXCRUSH Pill Crushers are designed with a unique buffering and grinding motion to deliver highly effective pill crushing with minimal manual effort.

MAXCRUSH M200 Pill Grinder Features:
A safe, simple and effective pill crushing solution.

Pouches for this crusher sold separately below.
  • Very easy to use. 
  • The unique anvil design working with the cup platform delivers both a crushing and grinding with maximum crushing effort. 
  • No tapping or pounding.
  • Delivers a very fine powder that is ideal for consumption in food or drink or for feeding tube use.
  • A two cup method is used to reduce the chance of cross-contamination and particulate powder. 
  • Accommodates a range of cup sizes. 
  • The 1 oz. plastic cups are recommended.
  • Delivers a silent and powerful crushing experience.
  • The buffering design provides user assistance and absorbs crushing force, thereby reducing chances of wrist and hand related stress injuries.
  • MAXCRUSH Pill Crushers are portable, lightweight and have a compact space saving design which is convenient for medication carts, nursing stations, in-room use and near automated dispensing cabinets.
  • This crusher is used in various areas of Healthcare when the end result desired is quiet, pain free operation.
MAXCRUSH Pill Crusher Specifications:
  • 9-3/4"L X 3-7/8"W X 5-1/2"H

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