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Labtron Stethoscopes

Labtron Stethoscopes

Labtron Stethoscopes.

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Labtron stethoscopes are used during medical examinations to listen to the heart, lungs and other bodily sounds. We carry a large selection of Labtron stethoscopes for sale including Labtron ford stethoscopes, Labtron bowles stethoscopes, Labtron combination stethoscopes, pediatric Labtron stethoscopes and Y tubing Labtron stethoscopes.

What is a Labtron stethoscope? Labtron stethoscopes are a brand stethoscope containing no latex that delivers optimum acoustics. Labtron ford stethoscopes are designed for general respiratory and circulatory examinations. Labtron bowles stethoscopes are chrome plated with a raised, metal stem chest piece. Labtron also combines these two style stethoscopes for a precision instrument. For quality and affordability, choose Labtron model stethoscopes.

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