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Hospital Bed Mattresses - Innerspring

Hospital Bed Mattresses - Innerspring

Innerspring Mattresses, Hospital Innerspring Mattresses.

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Innerspring mattresses are used in hospitals, clinics and institutions to provide a firm, supportive sleeping surface for patients. We carry a variety of innerspring mattresses for sale including standard hospital innerspring mattresses, firm innerspring mattresses and extra firm innerspring mattresses.

What is a innerspring mattresses? Innerspring mattresses are manufactured products for sleeping or lying upon. Innerspring mattresses have a center core of tempered coil springs for buoyancy and resilience that is wrapped in several layers of upholstery for added comfort. Depending on the tension of the coils, innerspring mattresses can be firm or extra firm providing exceptional support to the user. Hospital innerspring mattresses are specially designed to bend and conform to the different positions. No matter your need, a quality innerspring mattress can improve sleep habits leaving you more rested the next day.

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