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Heat or Cool/Cold Thereapy, and Accessories

Heat or Cool/Cold Thereapy, and Accessories

Heat or Cold Therapy Accessories.

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Heat or cold therapy accessories are used in facilities and residences across the country by individuals suffering from an injury or disability. We carry a large selection of heat and cold therapy accessories for sale including MediBeads heat therapy wraps, cold therapy packs, moist heating pads and moist heat packs.

What are heat and cold therapy accessories? Heat and cold therapy accessories are pads, packs and wraps that temporarily relieve minor aches and help relax tense muscles. MediBeads heat wraps are washable and heat in the microwave in minutes. Cold therapy packs absorbs moisture while allowing cold to reach affected areas. Moist heating pads increase circulation and speeds recovery by bringing in fresh blood cells and taking away the wastes, which may hinder healing with results that continue for several hours after treatment.

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