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Silver Splicing Clamps (One 5 Pack) Fits Our Hospital Curtain TrackZoom

Silver Splicing Clamps (One 5 Pack) Fits Our Hospital Curtain Track

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Product Details

Part # 01A 13924

Silver Splicing Clamps (One 5 Pack) Fits Our Hospital Curtain Track

We are proud to now offer our customers complete hospital curtain track kits in 16 of the most common sizes and layouts. This takes all the guess work out of determining what you need for most common installations.  Click here to see our Curtain Track Kits.

Item Description

  • One 5 Pack
  • Natural Aluminum Finish or White Powder Coat.
  • 16 Gauge extruded aluminum.
  • 3-7/8" Long
  • 1-1/2" Wide
  • 3/4" Height

The splicing clamps go over and around the joint or splice of where two sections of curtain track  or curves meet. The stiffens the splice and also holds the curtain track aligned.  After aligning and tightening the track in place a small self drilling screw should be run up through the track into the splicing clamps to bond them together. 

Where do you need them?  At each splice. Where two sections of track meet. Where the track might join a 90 degree curve also. It is mandatory on suspended installations, acoustic tile installations and highly suggested on installations that attach directly to a sheetrock or plaster ceiling.

Installation Methods

  1. Flush Mount - If you have a sheetrock or plaster ceiling the curtain can be attached directly to the ceiling by drilling a hole through the track in the desired location and running a screw into a sheetrock anchor.  You could alternatively find the ceiling joist and place a longer wood screw through the sheetrock an into the wood ceiling joist.
  2. Grid Ceilings - It can be attached to a grid type ceiling also known as acoustical tiles or hanging ceilings.  This can be done two ways.  You can drill a hole through the track an install a sheet metal screw directly into the grid.  If you do not want to drill holes in the ceiling grid support you can purchase the "ceiling clips" from us that clamp onto the grid and them the track is attached to the ceiling clips with a screw that is provided with the ceiling clips.  If you thing that you might want to relocate the track in the future use the ceiling clips so that you do not leave ugly holes in your ceiling grid when you move the track. The clips are also much faster to install.
  3. Suspended Track - This is generally used on high ceilings or when you have ceiling obstructions such as lighting or environmental ducting that prevents you from attaching directly to the ceiling.  Truss style and/or vaulted ceilings.  If the ceiling trusses are flat you can attach the track directly to the truss with whatever fastener best suits the application.  If the trusses are uneven or if the ceiling has a vault or pitch to it you will need to suspend the curtain track.  To do this you will need to purchase the ceiling flanges, suspension tubes and screw inserts that we sell on this site.  These are basically a mounting flange that you mount to the ceiling and then a tube that drops down for the curtain track to attach to.  You cut the suspension tubes off at the height that the track needs to hang, place a screw insert into the end of the tube and then run a screw through the track into the end of the suspension tube/screw insert.
  4. Custom Installations - The only limit is your imagination.  It can be attached to any surface or even be inset or embedded into another surface.  We have had customers install this track before hanging sheet rock on the ceiling and then plaster up over the edge of the track so that it appears to be "built it" to the ceiling.  This is a lot of work but creates a very striking effect.

Be sure to read our Curtain Track Installation Tutorial and Help Page to ensure you have all the pieces and parts that you need for your installation.

If you have any question don't hesitate to call our knowledgeable customer service professionals for answers or advice at 1-800-804-9549 M-F 8am-6pm CST

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