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Folding Canes

Folding Canes

Folding Canes, Adjustable Folding Canes.

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Folding canes are used by people with limited mobility who likes to travel or commute often. We carry a variety of foldable canes including arthritic foldable walking canes, pillow grip foldable canes and multi pack foldable canes. Our foldable canes come in a wide selection of colors designed for men and women.

What is a foldable cane? Foldable canes are walking sticks designed to fold compactly for ease of travel and storage. Foldable canes are adjustable for convenience and still maintain great support. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, foldable canes have a wood-like derby handle that allows for different gripping positions. Some foldable canes are equipped with and arthritic or pillow grips for added comfort while walking. With a variety of color options, foldable canes are fashionable, quick and simple to use snapping open into a rigid support stick within seconds..

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