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In-Motion Pro Tall (Fits 5'7" to 6'10") Folding Long Term Ergonomic Underarm Spring-Assisted Crutch - One PairZoom

In-Motion Pro Tall (Fits 5'7" to 6'10") Folding Long Term Ergonomic Underarm Spring-Assisted Crutch - One Pair

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Item#: 09A16374
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Product Details

In-Motion Pro Tall (Fits 5'7" to 6'10") Folding Long Term Ergonomic Underarm Spring-Assisted Crutch - One Pair

Item # 09A16374

The In-Motion Pro is designed to reduce impact on the wrist and underarm reducing nerve damage and carpel tunnel syndrome.  The In-Motion Pro comes in 3 sizes that can fit any user heights from approximately 4’6” to 7’2”.  Please click the sizing guide chart above to ensure you are ordering the correct size.They come in 3 different colors (Charcoal Gray, Metallic Blue, and Electric Red. Please choose color from the drop down menu when placing order.) and come with a 1 year warranty.  The Millennial crutch received the "National Merit Award - 2005-2006 Best New Product" Awarded for the product that most improves the quality of life. Competing against hundreds of new products it's a distinguished honor, voted on by peers in the industry.

See product demonstration video Click Here and assembly directions video Click Here.

  • Folding design for easy storage in vehicles, airplanes and restaurants, approx. 26" X 16".
  • Spring assisted shock absorber. It absorbs impacts and also give an assitive push when taking off. Spring-Assisted Technology is the defining feature of our In-Motion crutches. The specially designed spring loaded system absorbs the negative impact energy and then releases positive energy back to the user, assisting their mobility. Spring-Assisted Technology also allows patients to maintain correct posture throughout their gate and eliminates the underarm jamming, common to traditional crutches.
  • Ergonomic handle that maximizes blood flow and nerve conduction. Ergonomics is the science concerned with creating the best ‘fit’ between people and their tools or environments. Millennial Medical’s ergonomic handles create the correct fit by using a slight downward angle to align the bones in the arm and hand. Our correct ergonomic design eliminates the pain caused by incorrectly positioned bones putting pressure on the carpal tunnel area. 
  • The Sure Foot Articulating Tip is specifically designed to achieve true joint-like articulation or movement. By incorporating a groove within the tip of the crutch, users will experience maximum contact with the ground surface even at extreme angles. This allows for stability on a variety of surface conditions and elimination of dangerous shear forces.
  • Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Eliminates numbness and tingling.
  • Larger underarm area increases sense of walking stability. The newly redesigned handle bracket system and a now double reinforced neck and cradle, ensure our crutch’s strength and durability throughout the cradle and handle sections. The cylinder bracket creates greater displacement of weight along the crutch strut and the double reinforced aluminum neck and cradle guarantees our products durability even for higher weight users. 
  • Millennial crutch has a large and stable underarm cradle
  • A pliable and durable tip lasting 35% longer than a traditional crutch tip.
  • Push pin folding design. Created with the needs of crutch users in mind, the unique folding design of the Millennial underarm crutches allows users to conveniently put their crutches out of the way and in small spaces but also quickly back in use without changing any height adjustments. This makes Millennial underarm crutches the most convenient crutch to travel with, store and ship.
  • Made of strong T-6, 6061 composition aluminum holding up to 500 lbs.
  • Natural Relaxed Hand Position

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